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The Future of Farming

Living Earth Farm is a certified organic vertical farm that specializes in year round premium quality microgreens and baby greens. We are located in Toronto and focus on producing food that is sustainable for the environment, delicious and nutritious. Our produce is grown year-round indoors in our urban farm facility. The farm uses a unique combination of traditional organic farming practices with cutting edge technological advancements that creates a perfect plant environment year round.


Our farm is committed to providing the highest quality and best tasting produce available. We only grow what we'd eat ourselves!

Our farm has transformed the way greens are grown by innovating and adapting new technologies and combining them with the very best of sustainable organic agriculture 

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Our unique growing environment allows our customers to have the same summer fresh greens year round!

“I've never tasted basil so rich, flavourful and fragrant before! Living Earth greens and herbs have been a game changer in the kitchen.”

Maggie Capetola

Markham, ON

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