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How We Grow

Traditional Farming Meets Technology

We've uniquely combined traditional organic farming methods with technology in controlled environment agriculture (CEA), allowing us to produce crops that are more nutrient-dense than traditional microgreens. We use certified organic seed, soil and fertilizer for crops and never spray pesticides on our produce; chemical or organic!


Our microgreens are grown in a climate controlled facility utilizing state of the art LED horticultural lighting, using light recipes we've designed ourselves.


The farm is automated using VertiGrow to ensure the highest quality microgreens at an affordable price, meaning more people have access to healthy vegetables.

Interested in learning more about automating your microgreens farm? Visit Microgreens Consulting to grow more with less time.

No pesticides here!

vertical farm
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Growing Methods

Our greens are grown for 7-15 days within our urban farm facility. The secret to the rich flavour of our greens lies within the soil! We use a custom blended soil created by us that includes compost, insect frass and rock dust.

​Once mature, our greens are packaged and delivered within 24 hours of harvest, giving customers nothing but freshness. Our microgreens last between 10 and 14 days once on store shelves.

healthy broccoli microgreens

Traditional growing method

Living Earth Farm

growing method

Our farm is committed to sustainable practices for the environment, our team, and the local economy. Our sustainability initiatives include:

  • Using clamshell packaging made from recycled water bottles

  • Using 95% less water than conventional outdoor farms

  • Powered using renewable electricity

  • Providing predictive scheduling for customers to minimize waste 

  • Partnering with a local composting business to provide them with soil and crops to redistribute to other local gardeners 

  • Sourcing Canadian seeds, soil, equipment and machinery

  • Creating custom machinery and software with local businesses 


Nutrition at it's Best

Our microgreens are grown with your health as our top priority! We have spent hundreds of hours creating the perfect growing recipe to maximize nutrition.


We completed a thorough nutrient analysis of our broccoli microgreens and compared it to one of our certified organic local competitors. The results speak for themselves!

*Mineral and protein nutritional analysis completed by Bureau Veritas Laboratories in 2021

Living Earth Farm

_LEF Broccoli Microgreens - Nutrition La

Organic competitor

Organic Broccoli Microgreens - Nutrition

The Difference

Microgreens are a nutritional powerhouse and potent super food with high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These are the building blocks our bodies uses to perform hundreds of processes each and every day including healing wounds and injuries, fighting inflammation and free radicals and giving you energy to make the most out of every day!

Each microgreen variety has its own unique health benefits and consuming a diversity of them is an important part in maximizing the health benefits of these tiny but powerful greens. Many scientific studies have been done on the nutritional benefits of microgreens and a few are listed below.

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