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Our farm is committed to providing the highest quality and best tasting produce available. This is accomplished by combining traditional organic farming methods with technological innovations in controlled environment agriculture (CEA). We use certified organic seed, soil and fertilizer for crops and never spray pesticides on our produce; chemical or organic! Our microgreens are grown in a climate controlled facility utilizing state of the art LED horticultural lighting. Our farm is completely automated to ensure the highest quality microgreens for our customers and an affordable price. This ensures more people can eat our delicious and nutritious greens. Better for the people and the planet!


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Our microgreens and baby greens are grown for 9-15 days within our farm facility. The secret to the rich flavour of our greens lies within the soil! We use an in-house custom blended soil that includes compost, insect frass and rock dust.

​Once mature, our greens are packaged and delivered within 24 hours of harvest to ensure our customers have the freshest and highest quality product available. Our microgreens last between 10 and 14 days once on store shelves.


Living Earth Farm is committed to creating a sustainable farm, not just for the environment, but for our employees and the local economy as well.

Our products are all packed in clamshells made from recycled water bottles and are easily recyclable in any municipality in Ontario. Our farm uses 95% less water than conventional outdoor farms, utilizes renewable electricity and minimizes the amount of waste product by employing predictive scheduling for our customers.


Our farm is committed to creating a positive work environment where community and collaborative efforts to constantly improve the work environment for staff is encouraged. We recently added a smoothie bar to the farm where staff can make unlimited smoothies and juices from our microgreens.

Living Earth supports the local economy by hiring local employees rather than temporary foreign workers. We focus on sourcing Canadian seed, soil, equipment and machinery whenever possible and have worked with several Ontario companies to build custom machinery and software. The more local we spend, the more our community can benefit!