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Welcome to the Farm

About Us

We’re one of the largest microgreen farms in Canada, specializing in organic microgreens and baby greens. Based out of Toronto, our farm focuses on creating microgreens that are fuller, packed with more nutrition, and tastier than conventionally grown microgreens.  


Our secret? We combine traditional organic farming practices with cutting edge tech that comes together to create the perfect environment for growing greens.

Interested in growing microgreens or starting a farm outside of Ontario? Visit Microgreens Consulting to start right from home!

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Our Mission:
To provide the highest quality, most nutritious and best tasting salad greens for our community. We strive to grow more food with less resources while  forming an open and welcoming environment to foster the next generation of farmers.

From Humble Beginnings

As a young child, Living Earth Farm founder Jonah Krochmalnek had a deep love and understanding of how delicious a simple tomato from his dad’s garden could taste, and how inaccessible that experience was to others. 


After leaving the finance world and volunteering at a local farm, he decided to start a microgreens business out of his parents’ 150 sqft spare room. That room quickly grew into a 5000 sqft facility now known as Living Earth Farm, one of Canada’s largest  organic microgreen growers.


Jonah continues to grow his business with the intension of inspiring other farmers to do the same. Through consultations and coaching, he and his team work hard to decentralize their knowledge to help other vertical farms around the world reach their full potential, and limit the inaccessibility of delicious simple food in their communities.

Jonah's first farm

at home!


Meet the team

We foster a collaborative environment that creates a sense of community within the farm. Guided by our shared mission of building a more sustainable planet, we work hard while keeping things down to Earth.

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