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Growing to New Heights

Producing high quality food with high profitability is what we do best! We’re firm believers in sharing knowledge and understand that small scale farming is the future. Our farm is proof it works!


We are creating a truly sustainable farming framework worldwide and want to help you grow and scale your business


We coach farms around the world on a range of different practices to fill in any gaps and help avoid mistakes, so you can focus on what you love to do. 

farm consulting

Crop and Yield

Lighting recipes

Seeding rates and sources

Soil recipes

Environmental controls

Disease and pest management


Market analysis

Adapting to supply chain issues

Product pricing

Business plan reviews 

Target audience

Marketing plans

Sales blueprint

Efficiency and Productivity

Technology implementation


Equipment sourcing

Farm management software

Employee incentive programs

Small scale innovation

grow strong quality microgreens
  • Significantly higher nutrition 

  • Improved shelf life of 2-3 weeks on average

  • Higher yields per tray

  • Deeper and richer flavours

  • Thicker and crunchier texture

  • Higher percentage of leaf versus stem

  • Grown with industry leading lighting and soil recipes

  • Faster germination times and  reduced days to maturity 

Farm Testimonials

There are many educators in the microgreen space selling their “expertise” after having grown a few trays of greens. Jonah and his team ARE FARMERS and have successfully scaled their operation far beyond most. They offer insight and experience that other educators simply can’t offer.

- Michael, Brickhouse Growers

Consulting with Jonah from Living Earth Farms really helped us develop a vision for our business. Working with him has been invaluable and has really helped us cut our learning curve, helping us save time and resources. He also helped us optimize operations to get more done in less time, which is what every farm and business needs!

- Smita, Giant Gorilla Greens

Zawadi Farm started its microgreens operation with the help of Living Earth Farm. We have benefited greatly from their guidance from the beginning and they've continually supported us with expertise and timely knowledge that has helped us double our growing capacity and cater to more customers.

- Jessey, Zawadi Farm

For more info on consulting services please visit or email to book a free discovery call!

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